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Mehmet Emre CETIN's Photo, who is the owner of this website

Professional Pathway

I am a perfectionist, precise thinker, and worker who follows procedures in both my personal and professional lives. Despite the fact that my assignments require a great deal of detail and accuracy, I am an extremely conscientious individual. In spite of my conscientiousness, I am not afraid of taking responsibilities or taking risks. I constantly keep learning about things and sharing my experiences with others around me. As someone who meticulously focuses on details at Veri Bilimi DEV, I believe that true greatness is a journey, not a destination. In order to strive for greatness, as individuals we have to learn new things and share them. That mindset creates new challenges for me to stay determined on this journey.

Insights and Reflections

The Mini MBA program required me to stay in the United States for a period of time, so I am capable of reading, writing, and speaking American English. I had the chance to spend seven months in the USA and get acquainted with their culture and dialect. Throughout my childhood, I always enjoyed learning about different cultures and languages. As a statistician, I received my Bachelor's degree from Ondokuz Mayıs University. Additionally, I hold a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from Anadolu University.

I worked for six years at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Deputy Directorate General of Migration, Refuge, and Visa before quitting my job in 2020. Originally, I worked on the Ministry's support desk; I also handled other projects, and then I was promoted to Regulatory Manager in August 2018. My education at the University of TED concluded in February 2021 when I graduated with a master's degree in Migration Studies. In terms of understanding international relations, I think I am getting closer to where I need to be. I still need to improve myself on that topic, too. However, the gap between my knowledge and international topics is slightly closed.

So, that is a new chapter in my life. The moment I graduated from statistics, I wanted to start a new chapter in my career. But I never got the chance to do it. One can fairly say that life happened. My goal has never changed. However, I had to delay my wishes until the latter part of my life. Now, I believe I am ready for new challenges. I have used computers since 1998. I do not know why, but it is a passion for me. Even if, over the years, my career plan and my life have changed, I still want to do things related to computers. I got accepted for the second master's program, which is Applied Data Science at TED University.

This acceptance was more than just an academic opportunity; it was a bridge to the dreams I had long cherished. I envisioned a world where I could combine my profound understanding of international relations, migration studies, and statistical analysis with the dynamic field of data science. The program at TED University was my ticket to that world.

While my journey has had its share of hurdles, I am grateful for every experience. From my time at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where I climbed the ranks and deepened my understanding of migration and international issues, to my extended stay in the USA that enriched my cultural and linguistic prowess - each chapter has shaped me. And as I embark on this new adventure in data science, I am filled with hope, excitement, and an unwavering determination to embrace the challenges that lie ahead.

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