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Embark on a journey through the intricate world of the Amazon USA FMCG market. We are thrilled to present a report that is not just a product of research but a tapestry of insights, analysis, and strategic wisdom.

"Amazon USA - FMCG Pre-Market Research" is your definitive guide to understanding the evolving landscape of desk chairs on Amazon US. Crafted after countless hours of market analysis, consumer surveys, and expert consultations, this report stands as a beacon for industry professionals and enthusiasts alike.

What can I find in the Amazon USA Marketplace FMCG report?

In the Amazon USA Marketplace FMCG report, you can expect the following:

  • Market Dynamics: Dive deep into the complex ecosystem of the Amazon USA marketplace, specifically tailored for FMCG products. Get a thorough understanding of the myriad of product listings, delving into their unique features and related metrics.

  • Consumer Insights: Uncover the major players in the FMCG sector. Notable brands such as "Tommee Tippee," "CeraVe," "Maybelline," and "Andrex" feature prominently, reflecting their significant market share and consistent preference among consumers.

  • The Elite Products: Navigate through the dataset to spotlight the top-tier products in terms of sales, revenue, and customer feedback. Discover which items dominate the market and unravel the reasons behind their popularity among consumers.

  • Trend Analysis: By utilizing visual tools like word clouds, determine which brands and products are gaining traction in the marketplace. Recognize budding patterns that may indicate upcoming market shifts.

  • Strategic Recommendations: Benefit from practical strategies and insights. Delve into the universe of prominent brands, their product range, and the feedback from their customers. Grasp the intricacies of data purification to ensure accuracy in analysis, and get advice on how to undertake an exhaustive market investigation for a complete overview.

This report offers an all-encompassing insight into the FMCG sector on the Amazon USA platform. From decoding consumer behavior and familiarizing yourself with the market leaders to in-depth data analysis, the report provides a comprehensive view of the FMCG landscape on Amazon USA. Whether you're a brand looking to position itself, a market researcher, or an everyday consumer, this report presents invaluable insights, ensuring a more informed perspective on market dynamics and potential strategies.

Amazon USA Marketplace FMCG research report - table of contents

  1. Executive Summary

  2. Introduction

  3. Methodology    

    1. Categories for products    

  4. Analysis    

    1. Word Cloud by Brand    

    2. Monthly Sales by Category    

    3. Monthly Revenue by Category and Brand    

    4. Price by Category and Brand    

    5. BSR by Category    

    6. Review Count and Ratings by Category    

    7. Review Count by Category and Brand    

    8. Fulfillment by Category    

    9. Fulfillment by Category and Brand    

  5. Conclusion    

Amazon USA Marketplace FMCG research report - table of figures

Figure 1 - Word Cloud by Brand    
Figure 2 - Monthly Sales by Category    
Figure 3 - Distribution of Sales    
Figure 4 - Monthly Revenue by Category and Brand    
Figure 5 - Distribution of Revenue    
Figure 6 - Price by Category and Brand    
Figure 7 - Distribution of Price    
Figure 8 - BSR by Category    
Figure 9 - Distribution of BSR    
Figure 10 - Review Count and Ratings by Category    
Figure 11 - Review Count by Category and Brand    
Figure 12 - Distribution of Review Count    
Figure 13 - Fulfillment by Category    
Figure 14 - Fulfillment by Category and Brand

Amazon US FMCG Marketplace Word Count and Character Count Distribution

Adequacy Analysis Interpretations (US Dataset):

  1. Average Length:

    • The average word count for product details in the US dataset is approximately 19.6 words, with the average character count being around 123.2 characters.

  2. Distribution:

    • The histograms display a relatively even distribution for the length of product details in terms of both words and characters.

    • Most product details in the US dataset have between 13 to 26 words and between 84 to 162 characters.

  3. Range:

    • The shortest product detail contains only 3 words (or 18 characters), while the longest one has 38 words (or 248 characters).


The analysis indicates that product descriptions in the US dataset, on average, are slightly longer in terms of word count compared to those in the UAE dataset but similar to the Indian and UK datasets. The character count distribution also aligns closely with the other datasets.

Amazon US FMCG Marketplace Product Details Word Cloud

Text Analysis Interpretations (US Dataset):

  1. Dominant Words: Words such as "Natural", "Hair", "Organic", "Oil", "Skin", and "Care" prominently appear in the visualization. This suggests that many of the products in the dataset might be associated with beauty, health, and personal care, particularly those related to hair and skin.

  2. Descriptors: Words like "Natural", "Organic", "Free", and "Care" are recurrent. These terms likely serve as descriptors used by sellers to emphasize the quality, ingredients, or specific benefits of the products.

  3. Emphasis on Natural Ingredients: As observed in the other datasets, there's a notable emphasis on "Natural" and "Organic" elements in product details, suggesting a trend or preference among US consumers for natural and organic products.

The word cloud provides a visual representation of the most frequently used words in product details, allowing for quick insights into the nature and characteristics of the products in the dataset. The data indicates that beauty, health, and personal care products, especially those touting natural ingredients, are a significant category in the US dataset.

FMCG in Amazon USA Marketplaces industry statistics


  • The Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector on Amazon USA is dynamic, characterized by rapid sales and a vast array of product offerings.

  • As e-commerce continues to grow, understanding the FMCG sector's dynamics on platforms like Amazon is paramount for brands, sellers, and market analysts.

Market Dynamics:

  • The Amazon USA marketplace for FMCG products boasts a vast and intricate ecosystem of product listings.

  • The diversity in product listings is evident, with each product having its unique characteristics and metrics.

Consumer Insights:

  • Dominant FMCG brands on Amazon USA include the likes of "Tommee Tippee," "CeraVe," "Maybelline," and others.

  • The strong presence of these brands in the dataset points towards their substantial market share or consistent consumer preference.

Product Analysis:

  • The dataset contains information about the best-performing products in terms of sales, revenue, and customer reviews.

  • Brands like Pampers and HUGGIES are dominant players in categories like Baby Care, showing their stronghold and market presence.

  • Pricing strategies vary significantly, with products ranging from budget-friendly to premium.

Trend Analysis:

  • Graphical interpretations, such as word clouds, highlight the brands and products making significant inroads in the marketplace.

  • These tools help identify emerging trends and trajectories in the market, giving a glimpse into possible future market trends.

Strategic Recommendations:

  • Brands generating high revenues might consider expanding product lines or introducing complementary products.

  • Brands with high review counts can harness these reviews in marketing and promotional campaigns.

  • Brands with low sales or reviews might consider utilizing Amazon's fulfillment services to potentially boost their performance.

  • A significant portion of the FMCG products on Amazon USA is fulfilled by Amazon itself, indicating brands' trust in Amazon's logistics for ensuring customer satisfaction.

Consumer Engagement:

  • Products with high review counts, such as "Pampers Sensitive Water-Based Wipes," have crossed 200,000 reviews, reflecting immense consumer trust.

  • The average rating for products is around 4.64, indicating a generally positive reception by consumers.

Fulfillment Analysis:

  • A majority of the products, totaling 365, are fulfilled directly by Amazon.

  • Only a limited number, about 14, are merchant-fulfilled, suggesting a significant reliance on Amazon's logistics network.

Concluding Insights:

  • The FMCG sector on Amazon USA is complex and competitive. However, there are numerous opportunities for brands armed with the right strategies and insights.

  • While established brands have a dominant presence, there's also room for niche and emerging brands to carve a niche.


These statistics provide a snapshot of the FMCG industry on Amazon USA, shedding light on consumer behavior, market trends, and competitive dynamics. Armed with this knowledge, brands and market analysts can devise effective strategies to navigate the marketplace successfully.

Why buy this report on the FMCG Amazon marketplace in the USA?

  1. Deep Market Understanding: Gain a holistic view of the FMCG market landscape on Amazon USA, understanding the key players, consumer preferences, and emerging trends.

  2. Data-Driven Decision Making: Armed with actual sales figures, brand performances, and price range preferences, businesses can make informed decisions about product launches, pricing strategies, and marketing campaigns.

  3. Competitive Edge: Stay ahead of competitors by leveraging insights about top-selling products, consumer reviews, and brand rankings. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of competing brands to carve out a unique market position.

  4. Consumer Behavior Insights: Delve into the psyche of the Amazon USA shopper, understanding their preferences, pain points, and buying triggers. This knowledge can guide product design, feature enhancements, and marketing messaging.

  5. Strategic Recommendations: The report offers actionable strategies based on comprehensive market analysis. These can guide manufacturers, retailers, and marketers in optimizing their approach to the Amazon USA market.

  6. Trend Forecasting: Stay abreast of emerging market trends, potential shifts, and future demands. This foresight can be instrumental in product innovation and staying relevant in a rapidly evolving market.

  7. Optimize Marketing Budgets: Understand which product features or brands resonate most with the audience, allowing for more targeted and effective advertising campaigns.

  8. Risk Mitigation: With detailed analysis, potential market pitfalls, saturated segments, or low-demand features can be identified, helping businesses avoid costly mistakes.

  9. Expand or Diversify Product Range: Insights about gaps in the market or unmet consumer needs can inspire the launch of new products or the enhancement of existing ones.

  10. Cost Savings: Instead of conducting primary research, which can be time-consuming and expensive, businesses can leverage this ready-made report to get up to speed quickly.


In essence, this report is not just a collection of data; it's a strategic tool that can drive growth, innovation, and profitability for anyone interested in or currently operating in the FMCG segment on Amazon USA. Investing in such knowledge can lead to more informed business strategies and a stronger market position.

Top Sellers in Buy Box (US Marketplace)

The "Buy Box" column for the US dataset shows:

  • Amazon holds the buy box for a substantial 362 products.

  • There are 13 products with missing buy box information (NaN).

  • Similar to the previous datasets, the rest of the sellers have a minimal presence in the buy box, with many of them holding it for only one or two products.

To clearly visualize this distribution, we'll plot the top sellers and group the others into an "Other" category.

What is the methodology of Amazon USA FMCG marketplace report?

Specific keywords were entered into the Amazon USA platform's search bar, followed by the utilization of the XRay tool from Helium 10 to extract relevant FMCG products. Furthermore, these seven distinct keywords were explored within the Best Sellers section of Amazon USA. Any discovered products were subsequently downloaded using the XRay tool, setting the stage for an in-depth analysis.

The data was meticulously processed in Excel to ensure accuracy and relevance. All 'n/a' values were eliminated, and numerical figures pertaining to Price, Revenue, and Fulfillment Fees were standardized to a currency format. Decimal representations were harmonized for consistency. From the initial set of 500 products, 5 duplicates identified by ASINs were removed, leaving a refined list of 495 products. It's crucial to note that a high occurrence of 'n/a' values, especially in Sales, could offer significant insights about the category under observation.

What will I receive extra if I buy this report?

You will be granted access to the comprehensive and original dataset that served as the foundation for our in-depth analysis. This dataset offers a detailed view of the metrics and insights we derived, ensuring a transparent and thorough understanding of our research process and conclusions.


We are providing this dataset as a gift, given sincerely and wholeheartedly, from the depths of our hearts, to express our gratitude and commitment to transparency.

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