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Your Compass in the Data Science Universe

Embark on a quest for knowledge with, the epicenter where data science, statistical analysis, and a rich understanding of international relations converge. Our platform is dedicated to fostering a robust learning environment, offering in-depth tutorials and resources in the Turkish language, bridging a critical gap in data science education.

Why Choose

Choosing means you're not just accessing resources; you're joining a community committed to excellence. You gain:

  • Insightful Perspectives: With a unique background in both the analytical and social domains, we offer a holistic approach to data science.

  • Language Inclusion: We are proud to fill the need for Turkish-language data science resources, making learning accessible to a broader audience.

  • Continuous Learning: Our platform is a living library, constantly updated with new content, case studies, and industry insights.

Explore Our Expertise

With a foundation built on a blend of migration studies, international relations, and statistical expertise, stands apart. Our content is not just about learning algorithms; it's about understanding the stories data tells us and how it reflects our world. From the nuances of Principal Component Analysis to the foresight of Time Series Analysis, we offer a range of videos that encapsulate years of professional experience and learning.

Your Data Science Odyssey Awaits

Whether you're deciphering your first data set or you're ready to tackle advanced machine learning algorithms, is here to guide you. With each click, you'll find yourself closer to mastering the art and science of data. Join our voyage through the cosmos of information, where each dataset is a star, each analysis a constellation, and the insights you gain are as boundless as the universe itself.

Veri Bilimi DEV


Amazon Marketplace Research Reports provides comprehensive reports on the Amazon marketplaces, offering a tapestry of insights, analysis, and strategic wisdom​1​. These reports include detailed analyses of product categories, price points, best-seller rankings, customer reviews, fulfillment strategies, and more.


Table of Contents & Figures

Each report includes an executive summary, introduction, methodology, and a detailed analysis of various metrics. Visual representations such as word clouds and histograms are used for an intuitive understanding of the data presented​ 1​.


Text and Adequacy Analysis

The reports provide text analysis to identify dominant words and descriptors that stand out, which can be crucial for understanding product positioning and consumer perception. Adequacy analysis interpretations include distributions and a range of product details in the listings, which help understand the effectiveness of product descriptions on Amazon​ 1​.


Industry Statistics

The reports contain vital statistics about the industry in the Amazon marketplaces, including product diversity, top brands, sales and revenue data, price ranges, consumer feedback, fulfillment methods, growth potential, challenges, and the influence of digital platforms on consumer behavior ​1​.


Tailored Business Reporting

In addition to the reports, offers personalized business reporting services. By integrating user-provided data with advanced analytics, they deliver customized reports for various sectors such as electronics, pet supplies, food & grocery, beauty & health, and more ​2​.


Intuitive Design for User Input

The site emphasizes ease of use for clients to describe their business and request reports. The platform supports multiple sectors and ensures the user experience is simple, from data submission to report generation​ 3​.

Veri Bilimi DEV and its GPT

We designed our GPT to be a pinnacle of innovation and versatility in the realm of artificial intelligence, specifically tailored for data science enthusiasts and professionals seeking a sophisticated, interactive experience.

Create Sales Opportunities

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Embark on a Data Discovery Journey with Our Interactive Demos


Step Into the World of Data Mastery with Our Interactive Demos

At, we're excited to introduce you to our demo page – a unique space where data comes alive. This page is your portal to experiencing the power of data analytics through our interactive and engaging demonstrations. Designed for curious minds and analytical thinkers, our demos offer a glimpse into the vast possibilities of data science.


Data Insights Unleashed: Interactive Demos at Your Fingertips

Our demo page is more than a showcase; it's a testament to our dedication to making data analytics accessible, insightful, and engaging. Whether you are a seasoned data scientist or just beginning to explore the world of data, our demos are tailored to spark your curiosity and enhance your understanding.


Navigating the Data Landscape: Experience Analytics in Action

Dive into our meticulously crafted interactive demos, where each click unveils layers of insights and trends from the Amazon UK marketplace. Witness the elegance of data transformation through our dynamic K-means clustering dashboards. Our demos are not just about numbers and charts; they are narratives that speak volumes about consumer behavior, market trends, and the power of informed decision-making.


Transforming Data into Discovery: Explore Our Interactive Showcases

Join us on this exhilarating journey at, where data is not just analyzed but celebrated. Discover, learn, and be inspired as you navigate through the captivating world of data science with us.

Optimizing Success with's Data Expertise

In summary, offers a rich array of data science solutions, including in-depth market analysis reports for the Amazon marketplace and personalized business reports across a multitude of sectors. These products and services are designed to provide actionable insights, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions. The reports are crafted to be comprehensive yet accessible, ensuring clients can leverage the data effectively for their business needs.

At Veri Bilimi DEV, we are committed to providing exceptional data science services tailored to your specific needs. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you achieve your business goals.

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